"The definition above is what I attempt to execute with every aspect of my designs. I try to capture the vision a client has for their venture and use my skills to duplicate or improve on their communicated ideas.

I like to "see" what the client wants and create it. It is my desire and promise that I will craft creations that are both adeptly designed and aesthetic as well as useful and functional. The design will be a precise and vivid representation of what the client imagines his or her business to look and feel like.

Through interviews and listening to the client's descriptions of values or business traits they communicate to their visitors, I can create a site design and imagery that captures what exists within their 'mind's eye.' All I need is to sit down with the client and get a basic idea for what you are looking for and I will take it from there.

Throughout my yearsof experience and hundreds of graphic designs, I have acquired the knowledge necessary to advise clients and either improve an existing site or template or create one from a new foundation. Please see my portfolio for examples of previous works."

- Lance Vargas
Designer, Varg Visuals